Oct 30, 2010


It’s amazing what happens to a ball when you cut it using the pattern directions! Sorry Melly I think I’m “patterned challenged” your directions are awesome it’s me not you! LOL

Photo0373 This may also explain pointy headed bowling buddies. Who knew!


Bowling Buddies

I recently purchased a pattern from the new Melanie Hurlston pattern range called Sew Little. It is titled “Bowling Buddies” and is so sweet.Photo0371

She has used her new fabric range called "Little Menagerie" I haven’t been able to source this range yet in any local shops so will have to look further afield or online. I of course couldn’t wait to get started and so decided to use some scraps that I had lying around.


So this is my mismatched first attempt at “Bowling Buddies”. I am still working on the ball my first attempt looked more like a rugby league ball than a bowling ball so i am going to have another go at it, I think it’s all in the stuffing and my technique needs some tweeking, obviously!


The pins are not as straight as Mellies but I can live with that, they kind of look like they are peeking around corners or maybe hiding from the ball “don’t get me” I can hear them saying, their heads are also pointier than the pattern again I think it is the stuffing but they are cute and I love them. But the ball is  a whole other story and really needs work.

The pattern range is great and I would advise anyone who sews for young children to check it out.