Nov 29, 2009

Christmas List Countdown

I have been wanting to make placemats  for Christmas + we had a challenge in our Tuesday Night group to make a placemat to use at our Christmas Dinner, I played a round with a few ideas, but wasn’t satisfied so eventually i went back to a bit of a tried and true method. I don’t know what it is called I was shown by a Yvonne so I refer to it as Yvonne’s method. It also works well on hand towels etc. I’m not sure where that photo is but it makes a quick and easy gift.

First you cut 9 width of 5 fabrics at 2.5”. One of the middle fabric and two of the other four

Photo0080You then join them in strips and and cross-cut them into 2.5” pieces.Photo0081  I then joined them moving the middle piece one space to the left, joining 7 pieces in total for each placemat.

Photo0082This is the tricky part and i didn’t take a photo but you then cut down the middle and join the two ends back together, to make a rectangle.

Photo0083I  then layered backing, batting and top together in the usual way and stippled with a gold thread and the bound as normal.


The next project i completed was some Christmas Bon-Bons from Hatched and Patched. It is such a clever, quick project. I volunteered to make them for the same Christmas Dinner. I didn’t do the stitchery on the front I cheated and used a Christmas charm. I think they are cute though. I used some ric-rac to turn the edge of the “stitchery medallion and found dental floss was best for gathering the ends. I just need to find some coordinating ribbon and another job done!

SANY0179Have a great week Annie

Nov 26, 2009

Formal Attire


Moo’s formal on Tuesday was a terrific way to end both hers and our families association with the school. The ceremony that we all attended before the dinner/dance, was very moving. All the kid’s looked great, although I did envy the relaxed looks on the faces of the mother’s of boys. They were easy to pick out as their clothes were ironed, make-up done and hair brushed. No matter how much time you think you have it is never enough. Oh well we made it on time which is a bonus.



From this, to this


SANY0172 Formal 001

Sam is doing “Movember” so you have to excuse him!

Nov 22, 2009

Hot Hot Sunday

Hi Mum and I went to Lemon Tree Passage Bowling Club today to see their quilt and Art Show. It was very interesting with lots of very talented people displaying their work.

A lot of the quilts were from a Tuesday night group that I attend and I was very excited to see their quilts, many that I had seen being created. I think you all deserve a prize.

I have decided that if I want to make all the things I want to before Christmas i will have to give up full time employment and sew morning, noon and night! I think I will have to prioritise as I also have my youngest daughters Year 10 formal, on Tuesday night. We got al the finishing touches yesterday, bag, make-up and underwear, all the important stuff, but how can such little things cost so much. She is worth every cent.

I will post a photo if I’m allowed after the event.

This our ducks looking longingly at the pool, I did let them in for a quick dip. Shh don’t tell Brian.



Nov 17, 2009

How lucky am I, I arrived home from a not so great day at work to a parcel waiting for me from Anita my swap partner, mail must be very quick from the Netherlands.
I received a beautiful tissue cover that she had embroidered as an extra and a beautiful silver butterfly in the parcel, butterflies have a special meaning in my life so thank you. I can't wait to make something using the fat1/4's and embellishments.

I also thought you might like to see my "Jane McGrath" rose coming in to bloom. Our ducks have taken a liking to rose petals and so I'm not sure how long they will last but so far so good. There are about 10 more buds to open. i am no gardener so am very proud of this bush.

AlsoLena is a great give away, just follow this link and check it out,

Hope your day is peaceful Annie

Nov 10, 2009

Bags Galore

Hi These are the two latest bags I made over the weekend. I seem to have a bit of a thing for bag making at the moment, but luckily my girls seem to find good homes for them, so it's never a waste.
I posted my Christmas Swap off to Anita today so she should get it in 7 to 10 days. This was areally fun project to get involved with and super easy. Thanks to Vicki at
I think I need to get a bit of organisation into my sewingI amso easily distraced by new patterns and I still haven't started any of the great Christmas Freebies from the gum tree designers. We have a family wedding this weekend so perhaps after that i will start to get serious about Christmas.
hope everyone is having a great day!

Nov 3, 2009


I picked up my Simply-a-bloom quilt from Quilts on Q today (thanks Kay). I am really pleased with the design called Daisies Galore. I found this pattern on Modabakeshop. The designer is Australian and you can check out her blog on she has some really fresh patterns. I used American primer layer cake from moda.
The pattern is really user friendly and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to make.

The other project I picked up was a quillow that I started ages ago and still needs some finishing touches here's a snippet.