Feb 24, 2012

Wedding Belle

My beautiful daughter on her Wedding Day. We will be sharing some DIY Wedding ideas over the next couple of weeks. Staring with this very simple idea of sharing a history of both family Weddings.
Yes it does mean that you have to get out all the old embarrassing wedding albums and laughing your way through those stylised 80's shots or is that just me?
The only ones that looked truly stylish were my grandparents generation. Which lead me to the conclusion that you need to wait roughly 50 to 70 years to appreciate these photo's. Each photo was photocopied (the originals are just too precious) and placed into various size vases and recycled coffe/pasta jars. The vases/jars were then filled with shredded celophane, this helps keep the photo close to the glass surface so eliminates distortion.
The photo's were then displayed at the reception with scattered rose petals and candles. It really created lots of discussion, laughs and a fair helping of nostalgia and helped creat a sense of history for the newly weds.

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