May 31, 2010

May opam

I have had a few finishes which mostly reflect the fact that i am about to become a Grandmother! I have finished two baby jackets (I only have a photo of one as I gave the other as a gift.)  Two sets of bassinette sheets, a baby blanket and a Melly and Me “Bambino” softie. Sadly I can’t say that I have finished the mini Dresden quilts but they are not far off completion maybe for June, fingers crossed.

Photo0040 Photo0217 Photo0212 Photo0216


Hope everyone else got lots of sewing done, rainy weekends are proving useful.


May 22, 2010

Red Nose Month

With Red Nose Day fast approaching, it is a sad reminder of all the babies and children who have passed away....

It is also a way to raise money and awareness for the wonderful organisation SIDS and Kids, who provide much needed bereavement support for the families. SIDS and Kids are a charity and are not funded by the government, they rely on donations to keep their services going.

SIDS and Kids not only provide support for families whose children die from sudden infant death syndrome, but also stillbirth, miscarriage, sudden onset illness & accidents up to the age of 6 years old.

To help out my daughter has created an online fundraising page in memory of our beautiful baby grandson Charlie. Click on the link to visit the page, leave a message and make a donation in his memory to SIDS and Kids. Your generosity will be very much appreciated.
Please dig deep and spread this to as many people as possible. It only takes a few seconds but will make a huge difference - any amount small or large! remember donations over $2 are tax deductable.

I struggled wether to share this or not on my blog as it is very personal and I try not to get to personal, but I figure if it helps one other family then it will be worth it.

We lost Charlie at 23wks gestation on the 1st February 2007 and our life was changed forever. I don’t remember the person I was, I am just getting to know the person I have become.

foot prints 2When Charlie was born Lucy was given a tiny quilt for him by the hospital. It had been made by a stranger but it has been such a comfort to Lucy over the years. This is the reason i quilt, I had never done it before Charlie and now it is my passion. I think of it as Charlie’s gift to me. I now make quilts for the babies born in our family and out of the left over fabric I make mini quilts for the hospital.

Lucy is now 32wks pregnant and we are anxiously awaiting this beautiful babies arrival hopefully not too soon. If you can help SIDS and KIDS raise some money, that would be great, the link is on the right of this page, if you could say a prayer for families struggling with infant loss that would be even better.

Love Annie

May 18, 2010

Mini Dresden Update

It has been a while and I  have been distracted but I finally got a bit of a burst of inspiration (read guilt) for this quilt. Firstly it has turned into two baby quilts which is a bonus.


I have sewn the first border on but I’m still deciding about the outer border. Border design is not my strong point and I admire those quilters who put so much design into their borders and make it work. I tend to go the plain Jane route! 

My other project (i say that as if there is just one) that I’m working is the “Pillow Swap” organised by Jaime. I’m happy to report that mine is finished and ready to be posted.

This is not a good representation of the colours they are much richer than they appear.Photo0207

I procrastinated over the design for so long and ended up combining two pillows I found in some old magazines Australian Country Threads vol8 no8 (Kate Hampson cushion) and Country Favourites No1.(Stephanie Watts).

I have an unexpected day off work today so hopefully I will put it to good use right after I clean the bathroom and whatever else needs cleaning lol but first i have to get out of my pj’s which could take some time.

Take care Annie


May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day


Happy Mothers Day to all Mums, especially to all the Mums who have lost babies,infants and older children.

This is a photo of my Mum and daughter (who is expecting a baby in July, fingers crossed) and me. This is a rare photo of Lucy upright as she is normally lying down, as she has been on bed rest since 14 weeks and she is now 30 weeks. It’s hard to get a photo of all of us when one of us is lying down! So we took this rare photo and she then resumed her normal position inside.

I had asked for a mini craft iron like the ones I had seen some ladies using at a recent workshop and i thought how handy this might be so…………………….

My son who has a great sense of humour and luckily i do too gave me this for Mother’s day!Photo0205

My girls are much more into spoiling me and I have some lovely new PJ’s which are my favourite things in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mum’s

May 2, 2010

A weekend away

We have just returned from a lovely relaxing weekend in the Blue Mountains. The weekend was a Christmas present from Sam (son) and Mez (almost DIL). It was a very thoughtful gift and one that was very much appreciated.

We stayed at a B&B in Mt Victoria called “Sweetpea Cottage” it was the perfect spot to explore from.Photo0178

And explore we did this was just one of the pictures we took from inside “Lucas” cave at the Jenolan caves. This picture does not do it justice.

This part of the Blue Mountains is like taking a step back in time, it’s like time has stood still yet facilities are very good. The buildings look very Victorian, if you get the opportunity to go please take it!

It was also the perfect place I thought for a Toy Society drop or two.

 Photo0139 Photo0198

My little Kokeshi doll was found very quickly


 SANY0418As was this little rabbitPhoto0177

I also got a little bit of knitting and stitching done and I’m proud and relieved to say i have made a start on my pillow for the Pillow Swap being run by Jamie

Hope your weekend was amazing

Love Annie