Dec 27, 2010


Merry Christmas to all. We had a fantastic day starting off with us having our first Christmas in a while with a baby, so much fun. I didn't,t expect Imogen to be so into the whole thing but she was so excited and it was infectious. I think this photo says it all!

I haven't been sewing a lot lately which is a bit sad as Christmas sewing is my favorite kind, but sometimes you just have to accept that you can't do everything and a friend and I started a business venture (a grand title for a little thing) it is not sewing related and we both still have day jobs so life became a bit hectic leading up to Christmas. I am on holidays now and so i'm hoping to dust off the machine and see what I can do.

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Nov 1, 2010


Hi this is my second finish for this weekend this cute as can be doll is called “Dahlia” by Melly and Me. Dahlia is going to be a slightly late birthday gift for Abby who is also as cute as can be.

Photo0375 Photo0376

Abby is only two so I opted for Suffolk puffs instead of buttons for her shoes . I’ll hopefully send her off in the next couple of days.


Oct 30, 2010


It’s amazing what happens to a ball when you cut it using the pattern directions! Sorry Melly I think I’m “patterned challenged” your directions are awesome it’s me not you! LOL

Photo0373 This may also explain pointy headed bowling buddies. Who knew!


Bowling Buddies

I recently purchased a pattern from the new Melanie Hurlston pattern range called Sew Little. It is titled “Bowling Buddies” and is so sweet.Photo0371

She has used her new fabric range called "Little Menagerie" I haven’t been able to source this range yet in any local shops so will have to look further afield or online. I of course couldn’t wait to get started and so decided to use some scraps that I had lying around.


So this is my mismatched first attempt at “Bowling Buddies”. I am still working on the ball my first attempt looked more like a rugby league ball than a bowling ball so i am going to have another go at it, I think it’s all in the stuffing and my technique needs some tweeking, obviously!


The pins are not as straight as Mellies but I can live with that, they kind of look like they are peeking around corners or maybe hiding from the ball “don’t get me” I can hear them saying, their heads are also pointier than the pattern again I think it is the stuffing but they are cute and I love them. But the ball is  a whole other story and really needs work.

The pattern range is great and I would advise anyone who sews for young children to check it out.



Sep 29, 2010

Irene’s quilt

This is a project I have been working on for a little while and I was finally able to give Irene her quilt. Photo0360 Irene is my aunty and only 10years older than me and has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. The quilt has been a family collaboration, this picture shows part of the back of the quilt where family members from near and far were able to send Irene messages of support.Photo0353

We all know that cancer is no match for the strength of Irene.

We all want her to know that we are there for her every step of the way and the messages on the quilt come from everyone's heart.

Love you Irene


Sep 19, 2010

loose Change


I think this pattern is usually referred to as a coin quilt? Or something along those lines. It came about when I was cleaning up my sewing room really it was just making new piles and moving them to a new place and then replacing that pile with another one, quite futile really. Anyway I came across a partly used “jelly roll” of this cute pink range and some Moda basic jelly roll in white and this quilt was made in an instant it felt, well the top was and as I’m sure anyone who reads this blog will know the finished product may take awhile I have called it “Loose Change” as it really just came together out of not much and I will use the left over rectangles to make a couple of quilts for the hospital delivery suite.


I have also been making some little fabric shoes for Imogen, I googled baby shoe patterns and quite a few came up but are often a repeat or very similar of the same pattern the one I ended up using was a “Kimono Baby Shoe created by Aimee Larsen from The other one which I didn’t use is called Cloth Baby Shoe but didn’t give credit to any designer, so I’m not sure I felt like I looked at so many it all became a blur. For the front pair I drafted a pattern from an existing pair that we had and made them a bit smaller. They were fun but fiddly to make but looked oh so cute on.IMG_2763

Oopps forgot to singe the ribbon!


Sep 16, 2010

Quilt for Sue

I read about this story on a blog friends blog and it really touched me. Lizzie's friend Sue is dying and she is putting a quilt together for her and is asking for "orphan" blocks of any size. Please visit and read her story it is not mine to tell and if you can help please contact her.

Sep 11, 2010

Fabulous Friday Follow" />
Hi I have just joined this group and it seems like a fun way to get to see lots of different blogs and increase followers to your blog, there are more details at the bottom of the linky thing , so join and we can all join in the fun!

Aug 13, 2010

A bathroom update

You might remember this

Photo0243Photo0244 Photo0245

Well now it looks like this



I can’t imagine what people go through renovating a whole house, I take my hat off to them, one bathroom was enough for me although we were so happy with the results that we are now contemplating a kitchen make-over. This is long overdue and apparently not as disruptive as a bathroom, will keep you updated.

I have decided to hand quilt the second baby Dresden quilt. I basted it together last Friday at the new patchwork shop in Raymond Terrace. Jenny the owner is very accommodating and the shop is well worth a look. My hand quilting is not that even or small but I can see some improvement as I am going along and I don’t think that Imogen will be a harsh critic and that is who I am making it for so i think i will be ok,Photo0308 Photo0299 She doesn’t look like she will mind, does she. In fact as long as she is fed i don’t think much worries this little doll.

So this is what i will work on this weekend and also finish the “mini Tote” which is the last project in the “bag sew along” hosted by Kelly. I didn’t get to work on Flirting with Flowers last week and I doubt I will get it done this weekend but It will get done, I promise.

Love Annie

Aug 4, 2010

Time wasters

Well I think that when people say babies are great time wasters they are really onto something. I am just so in love with Imogen and can’t spend enough time with her. She is now 3 and half weeks old and such a personality already. I think in this photo she is saying enougPhoto0275h photo’s, it was about the 20th i had taken that afternoon. As a consequence of all this baby gazing I really haven’t done alot of sewing or anything else for that matter. i did manage to get back on track with the Make a bag sew along and finished the mini make-up roll and the glass case holder but haven’t got a photo to share. I am also crocheting a cot size vandyke patterned blanket for Immi. This is a good project because it is easy to pick up and put down. if you know what i mean. My intention this weekend is to get back on track with the Flirting with Flowers BOM. Vicki put the last block up a week or so ago. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Happy stitching, knitting, embroidering or what ever it is that you enjoy.


Jul 11, 2010


Just a quick post to let anyone who is interested that Imogen has arrived. She came into the world at 5.33am and weighs 6lb8oz and is 49cm long. Mum and baby are doing well, grandparents can't stop smiling.

Jul 7, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I arrived home on Monday from work to this

Photo0243 Photo0244 Photo0245

Now I’m not saying I wasn’t expecting it but it was still a bit of a shock, this disaster use to be my bathroom and in two weeks we will have a brand new one, yay. In the between time I doubt I will get much sewing done as no matter how many times you sweep etc the dust is everywhere.

Luckily I got a few things finished on the weekend.

Firstly I finished this cute little pram blanket, It is a pretty simple pattern but I did have to undo it 5 times before i got the bobbles right.


Then I finally tackled the quilting on one of the mini Dresden quilts I have been working on. This became a matter of urgency as Ruby was being Baptised on the Sunday and I wanted to give it to her as a gift. Ruby is my cousin Luke and Amanda’s baby.Photo0241

I was happy with the way it turned out and it means I only have one more to go. They turned out to be a really good fit for a cot.

On friday I also gave my daughter Lucy who is almost 39wks pregnant and now off bed-rest a sewing lesson. She made this sweet quilt top in one day. I just have to do my bit and quilt it, yikes!

Photo0237 Photo0236

I’s a bit of a miracle that she has been able to carry a baby this long and we are all so proud of her determination and strength. Well done Lucy. Will keep you updated on any exciting news, fingers crossed.

Love Annie

Jun 20, 2010

make life simply silly


Just a quick post. Do you ever see a quilt pattern and know that you just have to have it, no matter if you already have several quilts under-way and no time to finish any of them? Well that's how I felt when I saw this on Moda Bake shop. I couldn’t find the fabric locally or the Moda quilt labels that were used so i contacted the designer at Pine Mountain Designs, Sandra Workman. Pine needle designs is in Utah and I am in Australia, no problem they have an online store I'll just order it. So here is where I struck the first problem there was no overseas options in the address form.:( No problem I'll email them, I thought. Sure enough I received a lovely email from Holly who gave me alternate instruction :) problem 2 they didn’t work   :(. So to finish this story if you are still with me I googled the time difference, worked out a good time in both time zones to ring and finished my transaction over the phone. Easy peasy and one happy quilter received her kit in next to no time. Thanks to the lovely women in Utah at Pine Needle Designs.

Ok it turned into a not so quick post sorry. i hope you love the quilt as much as I do.


Jun 19, 2010

June Friday Night Sew-In

I joined Kelly’s make a bag-a-long group and this is what I worked on for Friday-night-sew-in which was hosted solo by Bobbi as Heidi is moving.

Now before I get to far into this i just want to say that Kelly’s instructions are amazing and concise with further pictorial help on her blog, so really what could go wrong? Well it would seem if there was a hard way to make this bag I found it, maybe I could do an alternate tutorial for know it alls like me. No really I obviously only read part of the instructions and then made the rest up or I don’t know my head just wasn’t with the program, so as a result my handles are wider the stiff interfacing went a bit askew and missed the edge of the bag by about a quarter inch (the instructions said to cut it bigger and then trim mmm missed that bit) didn’t have the right clasp as i thought (actually didn’t think) anyway you get the picture and  I finally finished the bag during the week and it was time to tackle the toiletries pouch.

This was my Friday night project and I was determined to follow instructions exactly no variations and guess what it was a breeze and turned out pretty good. I think I will make a few of these in different sizes.



Please don’t let my inadequacies put you off joining this project it’s fun informative and all you need is a charm pack, coordinating fabric and a few bits and bobs as finishes. The charm pack I am using is Moda “blush” from basic grey. The other projects to come are a mini-cosmetic roll, sunglass/phone case, extra’s pouch and a keyring/zip pull. Can’t wait.

Before i go just a quick mention that in Australia it is Red Nose Month, this is a sid’s and kids initiative that raises much needed funds to support families through infant loss. They receive no government funding and donations over $2 are tax deductible . If you can spare a small amount of money to support this worthwhile cause please visit the link on the top right of the page.

I’m off to pick my sick dog up from the vet i hope she is ok she is very old in dog years and is always by my side when i sew, fingers crossed.

love Annie

Jun 6, 2010

Balls and Pillows not bells and whistles

I recently purchased a pattern called “Brainy Baby Ball” from Sew mama Sew I thought it looked interesting and worth ago, so for a very reasonable price and in a surprisingly short time the pattern arrived. I must say I looked at it for a week or so (as I often do) before deciding to make one, which lead to two and then before I knew it three.Photo0222

I tried inserting bells into the pink and blue one but it gives a very dull noise that isn’t very appealing and also very soft. I wonder if anyone does read this if they have any ideas on how to insert bells into softies? Are they a special bell? I used just regular bells that i had left over from a Christmas project. But apart from that hiccup I think they are cute and will make a lovely gift for a new baby.

On Friday i received in the mail my cushion cover from my Pillow swap partner the lovely Tracey. Photo0042

The colours I choose for the swap guidelines were to go in the nursery that my daughter is putting together. Tracey did a beautiful stitchery in a delicate silver/lavender colour and is a beautiful addition to the nursery. A very big thank you to Tracey, check out her blog as she does some really lovely work. I really like these blog generated swaps I haven’t done many but I think it is a great way to connect with other people and also to step out of your comfort zone, in terms of colours and styles, thanks to Jamie for organising this one.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend



Jun 4, 2010

BOOK TRAILER: Little Birds

Hi I just wanted to share my unbelievable good luck. i just won this terrific book from Melly from Melly & Me and I am still doing a happy dance. I can' tell you how happy I am, but I have a huge grin on my face and look like i got all the cream.
Thank you to Melly who is featured in the book, she has designed a cute little penguin and he is adorable. I can't wait to make some of the stuff in it and below you can get a sneek peek.
Love Annie

May 31, 2010

May opam

I have had a few finishes which mostly reflect the fact that i am about to become a Grandmother! I have finished two baby jackets (I only have a photo of one as I gave the other as a gift.)  Two sets of bassinette sheets, a baby blanket and a Melly and Me “Bambino” softie. Sadly I can’t say that I have finished the mini Dresden quilts but they are not far off completion maybe for June, fingers crossed.

Photo0040 Photo0217 Photo0212 Photo0216


Hope everyone else got lots of sewing done, rainy weekends are proving useful.


May 22, 2010

Red Nose Month

With Red Nose Day fast approaching, it is a sad reminder of all the babies and children who have passed away....

It is also a way to raise money and awareness for the wonderful organisation SIDS and Kids, who provide much needed bereavement support for the families. SIDS and Kids are a charity and are not funded by the government, they rely on donations to keep their services going.

SIDS and Kids not only provide support for families whose children die from sudden infant death syndrome, but also stillbirth, miscarriage, sudden onset illness & accidents up to the age of 6 years old.

To help out my daughter has created an online fundraising page in memory of our beautiful baby grandson Charlie. Click on the link to visit the page, leave a message and make a donation in his memory to SIDS and Kids. Your generosity will be very much appreciated.
Please dig deep and spread this to as many people as possible. It only takes a few seconds but will make a huge difference - any amount small or large! remember donations over $2 are tax deductable.

I struggled wether to share this or not on my blog as it is very personal and I try not to get to personal, but I figure if it helps one other family then it will be worth it.

We lost Charlie at 23wks gestation on the 1st February 2007 and our life was changed forever. I don’t remember the person I was, I am just getting to know the person I have become.

foot prints 2When Charlie was born Lucy was given a tiny quilt for him by the hospital. It had been made by a stranger but it has been such a comfort to Lucy over the years. This is the reason i quilt, I had never done it before Charlie and now it is my passion. I think of it as Charlie’s gift to me. I now make quilts for the babies born in our family and out of the left over fabric I make mini quilts for the hospital.

Lucy is now 32wks pregnant and we are anxiously awaiting this beautiful babies arrival hopefully not too soon. If you can help SIDS and KIDS raise some money, that would be great, the link is on the right of this page, if you could say a prayer for families struggling with infant loss that would be even better.

Love Annie

May 18, 2010

Mini Dresden Update

It has been a while and I  have been distracted but I finally got a bit of a burst of inspiration (read guilt) for this quilt. Firstly it has turned into two baby quilts which is a bonus.


I have sewn the first border on but I’m still deciding about the outer border. Border design is not my strong point and I admire those quilters who put so much design into their borders and make it work. I tend to go the plain Jane route! 

My other project (i say that as if there is just one) that I’m working is the “Pillow Swap” organised by Jaime. I’m happy to report that mine is finished and ready to be posted.

This is not a good representation of the colours they are much richer than they appear.Photo0207

I procrastinated over the design for so long and ended up combining two pillows I found in some old magazines Australian Country Threads vol8 no8 (Kate Hampson cushion) and Country Favourites No1.(Stephanie Watts).

I have an unexpected day off work today so hopefully I will put it to good use right after I clean the bathroom and whatever else needs cleaning lol but first i have to get out of my pj’s which could take some time.

Take care Annie


May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day


Happy Mothers Day to all Mums, especially to all the Mums who have lost babies,infants and older children.

This is a photo of my Mum and daughter (who is expecting a baby in July, fingers crossed) and me. This is a rare photo of Lucy upright as she is normally lying down, as she has been on bed rest since 14 weeks and she is now 30 weeks. It’s hard to get a photo of all of us when one of us is lying down! So we took this rare photo and she then resumed her normal position inside.

I had asked for a mini craft iron like the ones I had seen some ladies using at a recent workshop and i thought how handy this might be so…………………….

My son who has a great sense of humour and luckily i do too gave me this for Mother’s day!Photo0205

My girls are much more into spoiling me and I have some lovely new PJ’s which are my favourite things in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mum’s

May 2, 2010

A weekend away

We have just returned from a lovely relaxing weekend in the Blue Mountains. The weekend was a Christmas present from Sam (son) and Mez (almost DIL). It was a very thoughtful gift and one that was very much appreciated.

We stayed at a B&B in Mt Victoria called “Sweetpea Cottage” it was the perfect spot to explore from.Photo0178

And explore we did this was just one of the pictures we took from inside “Lucas” cave at the Jenolan caves. This picture does not do it justice.

This part of the Blue Mountains is like taking a step back in time, it’s like time has stood still yet facilities are very good. The buildings look very Victorian, if you get the opportunity to go please take it!

It was also the perfect place I thought for a Toy Society drop or two.

 Photo0139 Photo0198

My little Kokeshi doll was found very quickly


 SANY0418As was this little rabbitPhoto0177

I also got a little bit of knitting and stitching done and I’m proud and relieved to say i have made a start on my pillow for the Pillow Swap being run by Jamie

Hope your weekend was amazing

Love Annie