Feb 28, 2010

Cathedral Windows

I am still deciding if i like this technique or not. This is my first attempt at “Cathedral Windows” so i have no other technique to compare it to. Vicki from Tozz’s Corner is using a different method and she has a link to a tutorial on it, I will give the other method a try when I have finished this little wall hanging. The method I am using has a lot of hand stitching which suits my needs at the moment and it is coming along.

I still have more windows to sew in and do something to the edges (I haven’t been shown that step yet). The group of ladies i am doing it with all seem to be enjoying it even if we do complain, or maybe that is just me complaining!

I also had a bit of a clean up of the sewing room after purchasing a new set of drawers from Ikea (I love Ikea). This led to cleaning up the garage which my son is currently residing in lol and at the end of the day I feel more organised and in control.SANY0338


I have pretty much filled the bottom two drawers but still have room in the top drawer but that probably wont last long!

My next task will be culling my ever growing stack of magazines. I think I have a problem, I can’t seem to stop buying them and I’m convinced if I throw one out that will be the ONE that I need.SANY0339 

This may not look that bad but I have a pile next to my bed and some on a few other surfaces around the place. I just hate discarding them, I did start putting stick-it flags on the projects i liked but I haven’t kept up with that bright idea. Maybe it is a winter job!

Has anyone got a good method of sorting them? I would love to hear about it.

Take care Annie

PS: Speaking of the change of season don’t forget to put the 21st March in to your diary for the next Friday Night Sew In

Feb 24, 2010

This is why i do it


Molly and Macy 2

This is the beautiful Macy with her “Molly Monkey” doll I made her for her 2nd birthday. I love it when the things I make are used and loved like this. It really does give me a warm fuzzy feeling. What gives you that feeling?

Have a lovely afternoon Annie

Feb 21, 2010

What your blog says about you

ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.
The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Try this out on Typealyzer

I’m not sure how accurate I think this is, but it is just a bit of fun and perhaps also gives us an idea of how we sound to others. Also not so sure about the photo perhaps my alter ego, she looks like she would have heaps more fun than me!

Sue and I are off to the Craftexpo this morning then a group of us are heading out to see “Valentines Day” the movie later today.


P.S: I finally finished quilting and binding my Tulip Dolly Quilt from Material Obsession. This was my Dolly Quilt for September ‘09 but I can now count it towards my OPAM finishes for February. yay. Even though I complained about the hand quilting the whole time and it is by no means great I like it and I am going to keep trying to do it. I  used a pearl thread and it gives the piece a softer look and is in some ways a feature, am I kidding myself?


Feb 19, 2010

February Friday Night Sew-In

Tonight was our first Friday Night Sew-In and boy did we have a good time. Three friends came round and we started off having Fish & Chips for tea and just catching up, sorry about the spilled coca cola, almost a disaster!!!!

Then Sue, yes the clever Sue started the sewing ball rolling thank goodness because i think the rest of us would have just sat and talked :0 Sue used the scraps from my birthday sewing BOM hold-all (we are trying to talk Sue into writing a pattern for it) to make a mini quilt for the local hospital for stillborn babies. Yes she is not only clever but incredibly kind.SANY0320 Kristen, still eating at this point soon got started on her “Girls Day Out” quilt that she has been working on for 100yrs, well maybe not that long but close.

SANY0325Helen didn’t bring anything  as she had come straight from work and she said she was quite happy to just sit and look at patterns etc but we couldn’t have that, so i set her to work on “Josephine the Jellyfish” She did a great job and I am now closer to having  her finished, I have great friends.

Helen also adjusted the settings on my camera, so hopefully my photo’s will  be of a higher quality, I think she put it on “camera for dummies” but I think it worked. ha ha SANY0324

We are all looking very serious in these photo’s and our mouths seem quite still but believe me they were anything but.

I worked on my hand quilting, I’m still having trouble BUT i think I’m starting to get a bit of a quilting action going. One can only hope and practice!

This was such a fun night and we are all keen to do it again next month, Hope you can join in too, where-ever you are.


Have a great weekend Annie


Feb 14, 2010

Belated Birthday

But boy was it worth it! My very clever friend Sue brought around a belated birthday gift that she made.

Sue is very talented and she made me this beautiful craft folder to carry my BOM’s around in keeping them safe and all together.

Sue was worried about the fabric choice as we have slightly differing tastes in fabric, but she was spot on with the lovely Blush from Basic Grey, in fact i had received some in the post earlier this week and forgot to blog about it. Needless to say I was thrilled.

SANY0316Sue put cute little pockets  on the front for  all sewing necessities and the back well i just had to show the back.


on the inside two velcro belts to keep everything in place!


I really love it and I know I will get lots of joy from using it.

A very big thank you Sue

I also did my Toy Society drop today at the Rock Roadhouse at Karuah. I had to be really quick taking this picture as there were a few people around and I didn’t want to be noticed. I hope he steals someone's heart.

Ok really terrible picture, but he was gone this afternoon when I went to pick my youngest daughter up


Thank God for good friends Annie

Feb 13, 2010

Toy Society Drop 2

SANY0312 SANY0313

This cute Little guy is my second drop for the Toy Society visit the link to find out all about this great street art project. I thought he is a very fitting project for Valentines Day tomorrow. I have used a minky fabric for the back so he is super soft and cuddly. I’m not sure where I will drop him, maybe another park or at the same place as Molly Monkey. Will let you know.

We had our dogs clipped today and Holly looks like they have swapped dogs on us.

From thisSANY0252

To ThisSANY0311

She loved it and seems very pleased with herself and looks much cooler and we think for an old lady she looks very youthful. She is 14 later this year, which is pretty old in dog years.

Well two posts in one day is a bit over the top but I wasn’t sure when i would finish the softie and yay a finish for OPAM. That is worth writing about.

Have a great weekend. Annie

Leaning pile of squares.

The camera is working again and I have finished my “Cathedral Window” squares . This is only the first step the next step will be revealed to me on the 23rd, it does involve a sewing machine.


In Cathedral windows 101 we had to cut out 192 2 1/2” squares and that was almost enough to have me running for the hills. But I persevered as did about 16 other women, hardy souls that we are lol. I like doing this sort of thing in a group as it really helps with motivation and when you are chatting it does seem to make repetitive tasks go quicker. This is usually why I like to take quilt binding along to a group as it is so much nicer to talk and sew then just sew.

The other thing I thought I would show is the “Molten Chocolate Cake” mugs that I have been making for friends and family birthdays. This is a really fun gift and by the way my husband licked the mug it must taste good and it wasn’t even his birthday!SANY0305

Check out Terry Ann’s blog as she has lots of good ideas. This was also a link from the Gum Tree Designers over Christmas. maybe you could make it with a Valentine theme for someone special.

I am hoping to make another softie over this weekend for another Toy Society drop, hopefully I will have something to show!

Also if you can check out the Pink Glove Dance on You Tube it is really lovely.

Happy Valentines weekend Annie

Feb 11, 2010

Dancing with daisies

I thought I had better post about finishing the second block from Vicki’s at Tozzs Corner called “Dancing with Daisies” a pretty name for a pretty block.

I did feel a bit silly when I read the instructions for this one when Vicki pointed out that the flowers were one piece not multiple petals, i assume maybe others made that mistake with the first one. I hope I wasn’t the only one!

This block was really only one day of stitching so it is pretty and quick.

I wish i could include these blocks in my OPAM finishes but the rules are pretty clear about that! Darn. I’m not sure I will have any finishes for February at this rate.


If you haven’t already check this BOM out by clicking the links above. Or on my side bar.

The other project (no not the Mini Dresdens) the Cathedral Windows is a work in progress i have to sew 64 background pieces and frames together and then i don’t know I have to wait for the next lot of instructions. I did take a photo but the battery went flat, I’ll show it next time.

Have a great weekend Annie