Aug 13, 2010

A bathroom update

You might remember this

Photo0243Photo0244 Photo0245

Well now it looks like this



I can’t imagine what people go through renovating a whole house, I take my hat off to them, one bathroom was enough for me although we were so happy with the results that we are now contemplating a kitchen make-over. This is long overdue and apparently not as disruptive as a bathroom, will keep you updated.

I have decided to hand quilt the second baby Dresden quilt. I basted it together last Friday at the new patchwork shop in Raymond Terrace. Jenny the owner is very accommodating and the shop is well worth a look. My hand quilting is not that even or small but I can see some improvement as I am going along and I don’t think that Imogen will be a harsh critic and that is who I am making it for so i think i will be ok,Photo0308 Photo0299 She doesn’t look like she will mind, does she. In fact as long as she is fed i don’t think much worries this little doll.

So this is what i will work on this weekend and also finish the “mini Tote” which is the last project in the “bag sew along” hosted by Kelly. I didn’t get to work on Flirting with Flowers last week and I doubt I will get it done this weekend but It will get done, I promise.

Love Annie

Aug 4, 2010

Time wasters

Well I think that when people say babies are great time wasters they are really onto something. I am just so in love with Imogen and can’t spend enough time with her. She is now 3 and half weeks old and such a personality already. I think in this photo she is saying enougPhoto0275h photo’s, it was about the 20th i had taken that afternoon. As a consequence of all this baby gazing I really haven’t done alot of sewing or anything else for that matter. i did manage to get back on track with the Make a bag sew along and finished the mini make-up roll and the glass case holder but haven’t got a photo to share. I am also crocheting a cot size vandyke patterned blanket for Immi. This is a good project because it is easy to pick up and put down. if you know what i mean. My intention this weekend is to get back on track with the Flirting with Flowers BOM. Vicki put the last block up a week or so ago. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Happy stitching, knitting, embroidering or what ever it is that you enjoy.