May 18, 2010

Mini Dresden Update

It has been a while and I  have been distracted but I finally got a bit of a burst of inspiration (read guilt) for this quilt. Firstly it has turned into two baby quilts which is a bonus.


I have sewn the first border on but I’m still deciding about the outer border. Border design is not my strong point and I admire those quilters who put so much design into their borders and make it work. I tend to go the plain Jane route! 

My other project (i say that as if there is just one) that I’m working is the “Pillow Swap” organised by Jaime. I’m happy to report that mine is finished and ready to be posted.

This is not a good representation of the colours they are much richer than they appear.Photo0207

I procrastinated over the design for so long and ended up combining two pillows I found in some old magazines Australian Country Threads vol8 no8 (Kate Hampson cushion) and Country Favourites No1.(Stephanie Watts).

I have an unexpected day off work today so hopefully I will put it to good use right after I clean the bathroom and whatever else needs cleaning lol but first i have to get out of my pj’s which could take some time.

Take care Annie


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