Sep 19, 2010

loose Change


I think this pattern is usually referred to as a coin quilt? Or something along those lines. It came about when I was cleaning up my sewing room really it was just making new piles and moving them to a new place and then replacing that pile with another one, quite futile really. Anyway I came across a partly used “jelly roll” of this cute pink range and some Moda basic jelly roll in white and this quilt was made in an instant it felt, well the top was and as I’m sure anyone who reads this blog will know the finished product may take awhile I have called it “Loose Change” as it really just came together out of not much and I will use the left over rectangles to make a couple of quilts for the hospital delivery suite.


I have also been making some little fabric shoes for Imogen, I googled baby shoe patterns and quite a few came up but are often a repeat or very similar of the same pattern the one I ended up using was a “Kimono Baby Shoe created by Aimee Larsen from The other one which I didn’t use is called Cloth Baby Shoe but didn’t give credit to any designer, so I’m not sure I felt like I looked at so many it all became a blur. For the front pair I drafted a pattern from an existing pair that we had and made them a bit smaller. They were fun but fiddly to make but looked oh so cute on.IMG_2763

Oopps forgot to singe the ribbon!



  1. LOve Love the Loose Change quilt. Also the so cute buby shoes for Imogen.

  2. The quilt is very lovely. I love the baby shoes.

  3. Thanks for linking to FFF. Following you back. Have a great week.