Apr 7, 2011

Non fattening Easter Eggs

I have been lucky enough to find some really cute patterns lately and just in time for Easter. I often find seasonal patterns at the last minute and don’t have time to make them.

I found this pattern for material eggs from Retro –mama. It is a free pattern and so simple to make. Got to love that!


I used a couple of charm packs that I had stashed away and two charm squares makes one egg. I think I have to face facts and acknowledge that I am not the best stuffer around. I always seem to end up a bit lumpy and lopsided. Well I think I found a solution at least for eggs. When i had finished sewing them up I wet them in a bowl of water and shook them around in two plastic strainers that I attached together with a rubber band and well shook the crap  life out of them and wallah some nice shaped eggs.


I also made these felted eggs with some supplies I found at Spotlight i can’t remember where I saw the demo for them (sorry to that person) I read it late one night a couple of weeks ago so had to do them from memory and this is where I got the sieve idea from.

The bag I have the eggs in is from make life sweet blog. They have a club called the label crew which i joined and each month I am sent a pattern and some custom labels.Photo0448

And with all the shaking to reshape the eggs I figure they are doubly good as you are exercising as you go.

Happy Easter if I don’t get back to blogland before then.


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  1. Great eggs Annie.
    Wonder if I can shake the s--t out of stuffed toys as I have trouble with stuffing too. LOL
    Have a great Easter.