Oct 24, 2009

Change of Plans

Back in September I happened upon Nancy Halversons http://www.arttoheart.com/ new fabric range " I believe" range of fabric and her new "I Believe" book. I was immediately captured by the fabric and designs. I had grand plans of completing the I believe quilt for Christmas.  Oh to dream!
Well  then i rethought my plans around October and decided instead of the quilt i would use the block designs to make placemats for a truly stunning Christmas table setting. Oh to dream!
Then  yesterday i announced my plans at a Friday group i attend, was that rolling eyes no surely not, they are far too nice for that. So I set about tracing the first design, selecting fabric from the range, working out borders to achieve the correct size, I machine appliqued the design as I thought due to having to be washed etc. then  I stop and thought about it.......................

I was never going to run the risk of  letting my family spill food on them or cover them up with a plate! So what now I 'm still thinking maybe someone will get it as a small wall hanging for Christmas.

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