Dec 30, 2009

and then there were two

Ok I just had to share this picture, with whom I’m not sure but it feels like I’m sharing with someone, (Anita Thank you). These “Molly Monkeys” are addictive, they seem to take on a personality of their own, so much fun.Photo0118The red one is for the Toy Society and the pink one I think is for Macy’s Birthday.

The other thing i thought I would share are our pre-Christmas day table setting, we had breakfast with 11 family and friends and I always like to set the table on Christmas Eve so that when everyone gets up the table is ready. Although this year it was set in the early hours of Christmas day!Photo0116 Photo0115

As we began setting the table I remembered that one of the placemats still needed the binding sewn (thanks mum for doing the rest and Rose, Bev and Robyn for starting them off) So out came the sewing kit and hey presto  a they were done.

I wanted to take photo’s of the before , during and after but got too caught up in the joy of the day (which is how it should be) and forgot!!

I was really spoilt over Christmas and received lots of beautiful presents including a quilting frame by the Thimble Lady and a thimble from the Thimble Lady (fancy that), not from the Thimble Lady they were from  Mum. We were also given a lovely weekend away from Sam and Mez and some gorgeous PJ’s from both the girls. I know very spoilt. But the best of all was that all of us could be together. I hope everyone was as lucky!

Enjoy the Christmas Season (It’s not just one day)



  1. Hi Annie... your little Monkeys are the cutest! and a great cause, well done....
    Your christmas table is beautiful... love the blue and white, we had an 'aqua, silver and white' theme in '08 and it looked gorgeous.
    thanks for visiting my blog....
    Cheryl xx

  2. Hey Annie! Having not long finished making five cheeky monkies, I know what sort of monkey mischief monkey softies can get up to! Yours are gorgeous - and look much better behaved than mine! :0) Bear Hugs!