Dec 2, 2009

It must be Christmas

I never feel like it’s Christmas until we get to put up the Tree and this year it took one day later then usual due to not being able to keep my family together in the one place for long enough! Tonight they were all told not to move, make a plan or blink until it was done. I’m sure they weren’t this much trouble when they were babies!

SANY0188 SANY0189

I love how there are decorations from when they were babies and ones made by friends and family. Our Angel was made by Kristen and hangs precariously from the top (a bit like how I feel at times)

 The picture quality is also a bit precarious.

I also had to show off my collection of Santa's. Some handmade, some from overseas excursions from family members, some novelty ones but all loved and laughed over.SANY0186

Don’t forget to check out the Advent Freebies put together by the Gumtree designers .

Merry Christmas Annie

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