Jun 6, 2010

Balls and Pillows not bells and whistles

I recently purchased a pattern called “Brainy Baby Ball” from Sew mama Sew I thought it looked interesting and worth ago, so for a very reasonable price and in a surprisingly short time the pattern arrived. I must say I looked at it for a week or so (as I often do) before deciding to make one, which lead to two and then before I knew it three.Photo0222

I tried inserting bells into the pink and blue one but it gives a very dull noise that isn’t very appealing and also very soft. I wonder if anyone does read this if they have any ideas on how to insert bells into softies? Are they a special bell? I used just regular bells that i had left over from a Christmas project. But apart from that hiccup I think they are cute and will make a lovely gift for a new baby.

On Friday i received in the mail my cushion cover from my Pillow swap partner the lovely Tracey. Photo0042

The colours I choose for the swap guidelines were to go in the nursery that my daughter is putting together. Tracey did a beautiful stitchery in a delicate silver/lavender colour and is a beautiful addition to the nursery. A very big thank you to Tracey, check out her blog as she does some really lovely work. I really like these blog generated swaps I haven’t done many but I think it is a great way to connect with other people and also to step out of your comfort zone, in terms of colours and styles, thanks to Jamie for organising this one.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend




  1. Your balls are gorgeous, don't know about the bell sorry!!

  2. Yes, they are special bells. The best source is to go to garage sales and pick up old toys to pull the bells out of. They are spheres, not "jingle bells". I have not tried to find them new. Very pretty balls, though.

  3. Firstly would like to thank you Annie for my pillow cover swap. I LOVE it. Have done a post on it so please pop over for a look. Please becaome a follwer if you wish.

    Love the baby balls. I must have a go at making one as I am going to be a great Oma in Nov.

    Your pillow cover is lovely too. Tracey was my swap partner.