Jun 20, 2010

make life simply silly


Just a quick post. Do you ever see a quilt pattern and know that you just have to have it, no matter if you already have several quilts under-way and no time to finish any of them? Well that's how I felt when I saw this on Moda Bake shop. I couldn’t find the fabric locally or the Moda quilt labels that were used so i contacted the designer at Pine Mountain Designs, Sandra Workman. Pine needle designs is in Utah and I am in Australia, no problem they have an online store I'll just order it. So here is where I struck the first problem there was no overseas options in the address form.:( No problem I'll email them, I thought. Sure enough I received a lovely email from Holly who gave me alternate instruction :) problem 2 they didn’t work   :(. So to finish this story if you are still with me I googled the time difference, worked out a good time in both time zones to ring and finished my transaction over the phone. Easy peasy and one happy quilter received her kit in next to no time. Thanks to the lovely women in Utah at Pine Needle Designs.

Ok it turned into a not so quick post sorry. i hope you love the quilt as much as I do.



  1. Like you I am often tempted to buy fabric or kit from the USA and now I don't know if I ever will. Seems too hard.

    Love your quilt though.

  2. I've had my eye on that quilt too! It's so cute.

  3. Cute quilt!!! I can see why you just had to have it :-) :-)