Jul 7, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I arrived home on Monday from work to this

Photo0243 Photo0244 Photo0245

Now I’m not saying I wasn’t expecting it but it was still a bit of a shock, this disaster use to be my bathroom and in two weeks we will have a brand new one, yay. In the between time I doubt I will get much sewing done as no matter how many times you sweep etc the dust is everywhere.

Luckily I got a few things finished on the weekend.

Firstly I finished this cute little pram blanket, It is a pretty simple pattern but I did have to undo it 5 times before i got the bobbles right.


Then I finally tackled the quilting on one of the mini Dresden quilts I have been working on. This became a matter of urgency as Ruby was being Baptised on the Sunday and I wanted to give it to her as a gift. Ruby is my cousin Luke and Amanda’s baby.Photo0241

I was happy with the way it turned out and it means I only have one more to go. They turned out to be a really good fit for a cot.

On friday I also gave my daughter Lucy who is almost 39wks pregnant and now off bed-rest a sewing lesson. She made this sweet quilt top in one day. I just have to do my bit and quilt it, yikes!

Photo0237 Photo0236

I’s a bit of a miracle that she has been able to carry a baby this long and we are all so proud of her determination and strength. Well done Lucy. Will keep you updated on any exciting news, fingers crossed.

Love Annie


  1. It will be worth the dust when the bathroom is done.
    Love both quilts. I am sure they will be much loved.
    Lucy has done a good job og the wee quilt so go Mum and quilt it.
    All the best Lucy with the delivery.

  2. I hope your bathroom soon looks like a dream. I like you dresdenquilt very much. I wish Lucy all the best.

  3. that little pram blanket is adorable.... :)

  4. Oh my, I LOOOOVE your Dresden quilt! Just gorgeous.
    And congratulations to your daughter for a successful pregnancy thus far. All the best for a healthy baby and easy delivery!