Jan 17, 2010

The great Escape

On Friday my lovely husband and I celebrated 27 years of marriage. Now we have never made a big thing of this and the fact that it is my birthday the next day, but this year we decided to try something a bit different and go “camping”. Now if you are a real camper stop reading and go to another blog but if like me you like the idea of camping but not the practicalities, read on.

I read about some camping spots in and around Sydney a few months back and thought that one sounded interesting. Cockatoo Island is at the mouth of the Parramatta River in Sydney harbour.

This offered what I thought was a very civilised camping experience for wannabe campers that don’t even own a tent, or air beds or lanterns or an esky, well we do own an esky but not really a camping one!

We arrived on the island to rows of brown tents one with our name on it.  Plus 2 sleeping mattresses and a lantern. The first one had a family already in it and we thought it might be a bit squashy so they reassigned us tent #4. Tent #4 would be ours for 2 nights. But what we hadn’t counted on was that the cafe would close early afternoon and we didn’t have any food! eek.SANY0262

So onto the ferry once again and a lovely stroll around Darling Harbour for a yummy Indian dinner before making our way back by ferry to our island home. Did I mention that Brian gets really seasick at the thought of a boat.SANY0256

The next morning the cafe was open for yummy bacon and egg rolls and COFFEE. Brian and I are both caffeine fuelled individuals and need our fix.

We lazed around the campsite went on an audio tour of the island and generally did nothing much at all.

Late afternoon saw us boarding another ferry to hunt and gather around the Rocks area of Sydney for or dinner and a stroll around to the Opera House. Sydney Harbour area has a lovely cosmopolitan feel. I kept think it would be a great place for a toy society drop. I wish i had thought about it earlier.

On Saturday morning we had another delicious breakfast on Cockatoo Island and then boarded our last ferry for home. Brain was very relieved I think, he didn’t complain once. SANY0269 I’m not sure who this photo is of, because we are sure we don’t have that many double chins or wrinkles ha ha!

I was greeted back at home by my lovely family and lots of thoughtful birthday gifts and text messages . Thanks everyone.


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  1. I am a bit late but I still congrulate you and your husband with your anniversary and you with your birthday. I hope you have had a lovely day and a lot of nice presents.
    Love Anita