Jan 11, 2010

It’s official!!!!

SANY0248Not that you can really see from this picture but believe me when I say that I am Officially the worst hand quilter ever!! I have a great Thimble a great frame and I just can’t do it. I have watched U-Tube videos, and I’m just not getting it. My fingers are sore, my arm is aching and I’ve done one flower grrrrr. This is my first attempt but still……………………………….

I try to keep my posts happy but it’s 10;50pm and did I mention that my arm and fingers are sore.


and I’m sure you are all thinking it will come with practice but I’m not so sure. I’m babysitting two active little boys tomorrow who will want my undivided attention but I’ll see if I can bring myself to take it to our Tuesday night group that starts up again tomorrow night.

So to all you hand quilters I have one thing to say 

“you are amazing, and I’m in awe of your skill”

Ok so that was two things.

Good Night Annie :)

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