Jan 7, 2010

Road Trip

Yesterday we (Mum, Lucy, Mez and her mum Julie and I) had a bit of a road trip down the F3 to Sydney for some post Christmas retail therapy.

Our first stop was Victoria’s Basement in Auburn. Wow there were so many bargains I can even say I have put some things away for next Christmas. Yes that’s right me who started shopping for “09 Christmas 10 days before the date has made a start on “10 Christmas. The trick now will be remembering this fact!

Our next stop was Ikea. This certainly lives up to the name superstore. We walked around one floor thinking this must end soon but somehow we kept finding things we hadn’t seen before. The general consensus was that it must somehow spin on it’s axis revealing new gateways.

I haven’t been to Ikea since Sam was a baby and he turns 25 in April eek am I that old? Anyway I found this lovely material in the children’s section and was wondering if anyone else has used it for quilting?


It is 100% cotton and feels like it has some quality about it, I’m no expert. These packs are 120cm wide and 300cm length and were only $15.00. I thought if nothing else they would make good quilt backing fabric.

I make small quilts for the local hospital for their delivery suite to be used for babies that are stillborn and so am always looking for good quality but affordable fabric, so this might be the answer.SANY0246

These are two of the latest, that I will send off shortly. I use my scraps for the tops, the green and white one is made from the leftover triangles from a flying geese border on a quilt I made last year and the pink one is slightly bigger but just pieced using  all my pink scraps.

Thanks to the lovely people who have left comments, it is such a thrill.

Till next time Annie


  1. I use the Ikea fabric sometimes for the back of my quilts for sick children. It is a good quality.

  2. Those quilts you've made for those babies are lovely !

  3. I love the green one Annie, it's gorgeous!