Feb 13, 2010

Toy Society Drop 2

SANY0312 SANY0313

This cute Little guy is my second drop for the Toy Society visit the link to find out all about this great street art project. I thought he is a very fitting project for Valentines Day tomorrow. I have used a minky fabric for the back so he is super soft and cuddly. I’m not sure where I will drop him, maybe another park or at the same place as Molly Monkey. Will let you know.

We had our dogs clipped today and Holly looks like they have swapped dogs on us.

From thisSANY0252

To ThisSANY0311

She loved it and seems very pleased with herself and looks much cooler and we think for an old lady she looks very youthful. She is 14 later this year, which is pretty old in dog years.

Well two posts in one day is a bit over the top but I wasn’t sure when i would finish the softie and yay a finish for OPAM. That is worth writing about.

Have a great weekend. Annie

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  1. Super cool monster - no I am not talking about the dog! She is pretty cute, but I love the monster softie - The eyes have it - sure to break someones heart.