Feb 13, 2010

Leaning pile of squares.

The camera is working again and I have finished my “Cathedral Window” squares . This is only the first step the next step will be revealed to me on the 23rd, it does involve a sewing machine.


In Cathedral windows 101 we had to cut out 192 2 1/2” squares and that was almost enough to have me running for the hills. But I persevered as did about 16 other women, hardy souls that we are lol. I like doing this sort of thing in a group as it really helps with motivation and when you are chatting it does seem to make repetitive tasks go quicker. This is usually why I like to take quilt binding along to a group as it is so much nicer to talk and sew then just sew.

The other thing I thought I would show is the “Molten Chocolate Cake” mugs that I have been making for friends and family birthdays. This is a really fun gift and by the way my husband licked the mug it must taste good and it wasn’t even his birthday!SANY0305

Check out Terry Ann’s blog as she has lots of good ideas. This was also a link from the Gum Tree Designers over Christmas. maybe you could make it with a Valentine theme for someone special.

I am hoping to make another softie over this weekend for another Toy Society drop, hopefully I will have something to show!

Also if you can check out the Pink Glove Dance on You Tube it is really lovely.

Happy Valentines weekend Annie

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