Feb 19, 2010

February Friday Night Sew-In

Tonight was our first Friday Night Sew-In and boy did we have a good time. Three friends came round and we started off having Fish & Chips for tea and just catching up, sorry about the spilled coca cola, almost a disaster!!!!

Then Sue, yes the clever Sue started the sewing ball rolling thank goodness because i think the rest of us would have just sat and talked :0 Sue used the scraps from my birthday sewing BOM hold-all (we are trying to talk Sue into writing a pattern for it) to make a mini quilt for the local hospital for stillborn babies. Yes she is not only clever but incredibly kind.SANY0320 Kristen, still eating at this point soon got started on her “Girls Day Out” quilt that she has been working on for 100yrs, well maybe not that long but close.

SANY0325Helen didn’t bring anything  as she had come straight from work and she said she was quite happy to just sit and look at patterns etc but we couldn’t have that, so i set her to work on “Josephine the Jellyfish” She did a great job and I am now closer to having  her finished, I have great friends.

Helen also adjusted the settings on my camera, so hopefully my photo’s will  be of a higher quality, I think she put it on “camera for dummies” but I think it worked. ha ha SANY0324

We are all looking very serious in these photo’s and our mouths seem quite still but believe me they were anything but.

I worked on my hand quilting, I’m still having trouble BUT i think I’m starting to get a bit of a quilting action going. One can only hope and practice!

This was such a fun night and we are all keen to do it again next month, Hope you can join in too, where-ever you are.


Have a great weekend Annie



  1. Looks like so much fun!! What a great way to catch up with friends and get sewing!! Wish I could join in - maybe one day?? If I ever live closer than 3500kms away....

    Hope all your projects get done - your hand quilting looks fabulous Annie. xx

  2. Looks and sounds as if you had a fun productive evening :)

  3. You all must have a wunderful time. I wish I could join you, but it is a bit to far away.

  4. Would love to have a Friday Nite Sew - In but it would clash with our Friday nite Drink-In with friends. Maybe another night?