Feb 11, 2010

Dancing with daisies

I thought I had better post about finishing the second block from Vicki’s at Tozzs Corner called “Dancing with Daisies” a pretty name for a pretty block.

I did feel a bit silly when I read the instructions for this one when Vicki pointed out that the flowers were one piece not multiple petals, i assume maybe others made that mistake with the first one. I hope I wasn’t the only one!

This block was really only one day of stitching so it is pretty and quick.

I wish i could include these blocks in my OPAM finishes but the rules are pretty clear about that! Darn. I’m not sure I will have any finishes for February at this rate.


If you haven’t already check this BOM out by clicking the links above. Or on my side bar.

The other project (no not the Mini Dresdens) the Cathedral Windows is a work in progress i have to sew 64 background pieces and frames together and then i don’t know I have to wait for the next lot of instructions. I did take a photo but the battery went flat, I’ll show it next time.

Have a great weekend Annie


  1. No Annie you werent the only one who pointed out the petals being all in one. :) I love your colours you have chosen, it looks fabulous :) What a shame BOMs arent allowed for the OPAMs. hugs

  2. Your block is lovely and complete different from mine. I did manage to make a little finished item for Februari but it is hard that your BOM's don't count. Have a nice weekend.