Mar 20, 2010

March Friday Night Sew-In

Rabbits rabbits everywhere!

I think they really do multiply. We started off so well making the Easter Bunnies from the latest homespun magazine. Kristen and I had gone shopping for gingham material, toy fill and any other bits and pieces that we needed the night before, we were women on a mission.

We placed our order for Fish n chips, coke and chocolate were on hand and in good supply, machines ready (seriously Kristen get that machine serviced).

And so it began, we caught up with any news we had missed although this week we all saw each other much more than we normally do on some happy and one sadly at a funeral for a loved member of our community.

we were about an hour into it when unfortunately Kristen felt ill and had to go home but the rest of us soldiered on, there were bunnies to be sewn, stuffed and assembled.

Well we got to the sewn and mostly stuffed stage


We didn’t actually get any finished and will probably need to have another night but this is our work so far.

Hope you feel better soon Kristen, we know you weren’t just trying to get out of sewing, right?

Love Annie

1 comment:

  1. Hi Annie,
    If you got the bunnies finished, would you like to send images and a letter for Readers' Showcase?
    (Deputy Editor, Homespun)