Mar 7, 2010

So so Sunday

I have had a bit of a so  so weekend (as opposed to sew sew weekend), Brian is in New Orleans for a conference and while I am fairly use to him being absent he is usually home on weekends and I have really missed him. I have also missed all the running around he does on the weekend which gives me precious sewing time. As a result i don’t have a lot to show except good intentions.  I have been wanting to make these little dolls from the Melly & Me book “Kaleidoscope”


The dolls are called Kokeshi Dolls and are just so sweet only about 7” high. I didn’t have any black homespun for the hair so mine is a bit punk looking with her pink hair and  a very smug look on her face. I think she has a secret.Photo0139 I need to work on the curved seam for her head and body placement a bit better as I have only just caught the seam when sewing the front and back together.

On other news Vicki from Tozz’s Corner is having a 2nd Blog Birthday giveaway, well worth a look!

Also I got the date wrong for the next Friday Night Sew-In it is of course the 19th March not the 21st as in my last post. Sorry about that but I’m sure you were all clever enough to figure out my mistake.

Kristen, Sue, Helen and i are getting together again, i can’t wait. Maybe I’ll have a few of these cute dolls to show you after that.

Have a great week Annie



  1. I love your doll. Especially the pink hair. She lookes like a little punky.