Mar 14, 2010


It was Sue’s birthday through the week and Helen, Kristen, Sue and I went out for afternoon-tea today. We went over to Morpeth in the Hunter Valley and had a great time talking and laughing as we always do.

Kristen made Sue a lovely doll called “Faith” and Helen gave her some lovely lotion and soap and I made her a pair of socks! Last year I made both Helen and Kristen socks but poor Sue missed out, I’m not sure why maybe i just ran out of winter! So i finished the pair I had started last year and she got them for her birthday.SANY0360 SANY0364 SANY0362

I packaged them up in silicone cupcake cases and made a Molten Chocolate Mug cake to go with them.

On Friday night we are getting together for the Friday-Nigh-Sew-In and we have decided to make the Bunny’s from the latest edition of “Homespun” by Cath Walker, Colleen Ekstrom and Julie Roche of Angels in Disguise. I can’t wait.

Happy Birthday Sue


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