Mar 10, 2010

style your blog

Hi just a quick post to let you know that Mikelle from “My Style Backgrounds” is hosting a useful giveaway. She is giving everyone the chance to win a Blog makeover, I love the sound of that!


We had our Tuesday night group last night but no updates on the cathedral windows project so i will have to wait for the next instructions until the 23/3/10 which is our next meeting.

What I did discover however was that the windows were much easier to put in if you glued them first instead of pinning. I hate when your thread gets stuck on pins and they dig into you and well you get the Photo0142Photo0143picture. I used Sewline pen glue   and it it held it really well during stitching and didn’t cause stiffness. I have used this method with my Dresden plates but was about 3/4 through the windows before i thought about doing it I know a bit slow! Anyway that's my tip of the week. Lol

Enjoy whatever you are doing Annie


  1. Hi,

    I am not sure why feeds show up below your posts. Did you add anything to your html code settings? The only way I could see is if I saw your html codes. Sorry I haven't had anyone else that have problem so I don't have much advice.

    Your blog looks great!


  2. Also you posted about the giveaway so you can enter again!