Jan 3, 2011


Yesterday I decided it was high time that I did something nothing earth shattering just something.... But I felt that it would be wrong to start something new when I had so many unfinished projects, so that is how I spent yesterday. No not finishing them all ( I wish ) but at least making a start.

I had been working on this crocheted blanket since October I think. I have used my favorite bamboo yarn and a 5mm hook. The granny squares are about 4" and there are 4 rounds in each square. I used roughly 6 or 7 collude in total and finished each square in the white. I have used 80 squares in total

This blanket started from reading Kelly's blog who was learning to crochet and although I am no expert  I have been doing it since I was a child off and on and this post really inspired me to give it a go. Granny squares were the first thing that I learnt to do and I had so much fun doing them again so many years later. There are some great instructions at attic24.typepad.com
My next finish is going to have to be Immi's Dresden Plate quilt I know, how ashamed am I that I am still not finished and I don't have a great excuse I think I just got waylaid and distracted.

I don't have any photo's as yet as I can't find my camera/phone cord but I will upload them as soon as I find it, it has to be here somewhere under this pile of mess right.

Found it! It wasn't that buried after all.

We also caught up with some friends and this was my contribution to a lovely afternoon drinks. Caramel pavlova.......... Yum

Have a great day from Annie

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your blanket is lovely and quite like one I started - and abandoned - a couple of months ago. Wish I'd kept going with it. Lucy x