Jan 8, 2011

Let them eat cake

This is my first attempted at a cake stand that I found on Cindy's blog. This blog is full of clever handmade gifts that really would suit everyone.


Cindy’s blog gives clear concise instructions with lots of pictures to guide those of us that find written instructions a challenge.lol

I picked up these plates on sale and the hardware is pretty cheap so all up it probably came in at under $10. I can’t wait to try out more I think I would like to pick up some antique (old) bits and bobs to dress it up a bit, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine one using cute fairy plates to dress up a little girls party table, (sorry Sarah, i wish I had thought of that one earlier) or super hero plates for a little boy, oh my imagination is going wild.

I needed my DH help as no-one in their right mind would let me near a power tool or saw for that matter, but I’m sure most people could manage but it was fun to do something like this together.

I am pleased to also announce that I have finished the hand quilting on Imogen’s mini Dresden quilt (no photo’s yet) and should get to the binding tomorrow fingers crossed.

Well I still have another set of plates to experiment with so…………….

Bye for now Annie

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