Jan 31, 2011

Nearly forgot

DresdenHi I nearly forgot my most important finish for this month. I have mentioned it in previous posts but forgot to post a photo.  I think the thing I love most about this quilt is that with the hand quilting it is really soft and cuddly. I made another one last year and machine quilted that one and although they were identical the machine quilted one was much stiffer, not quite the right word but I’m sure you know what I mean.

I can just imagine Immi cuddled up on the lounge with it as she grows. A lovely image!

The other photo I have is not craft related but just very beautiful and was captured in our garden last Thursday. This butterfly had just emerged from it’s cocoon on our potted orange tree.


I’m not much of a photographer, I only have the camera on my phone but I was so happy to see this. Do you get excited by stuff like that? I hope so.

Love Annie


  1. It is a lovelu quilt. I like the Dresden plate.

  2. Beautiful finish Annie.
    Yes I love to watch nature and when you are lucky enough to be there at the right moment it's OH so nice!!